1. How do I rent storage space?
You can do it from the comfort of you home or office, below are the details of how to do so.


  • Natural person: Copy of your ID or passport, Safety Deposit and completing the form with the clients personal details.
  • Juridical person: Copy of Social Contract, Copy of the ID or passport of the legal representative, Safety deposit and completing the firm with the legal entities details.

2. Forms of Payment:

You can pay your Istorage unit with a Credit or Debit Card, online transfer, Certifies Checks or cash.  If you would prefer for us to handle your monthly payments you can fill out our automated payment form.  (Only applies if paying with a credit or debit card and online transfer.)

3. Storing Reccomendations:

  • Do not try to do everything on your own, ask for help in Istorage in order to make your experience more enjoyable.
  • Have all of the materials necessary at hand before starting to pack: boxes, duct tape, etc.  In Istorage we all sell all of the packing materials that you need to properly pack your belongings.
  • Make sure you pack everything carefully, ensuring nothing breaks or gets misplaced.  Use the necessary materials to cover your furniture, glass, antiques, etc.  Make sure that all of the boxes are properly sealed.
  • Write on top of the box, everything that is inside de box.  Also hold an inventory list in your home.
  • Don’t overcrowd your boxes, a box should not weigh more than a person can carry, it is recommended not to exceed 45lbs per box.
  • Use the correct box:
    – Big boxes: for light things such as carpets, sheets, etc.
    – Small boxes: for heavier items such as books.
  •  Plan ahead of time how you will use your space and how you will place everything inside your unit.  Make sure the items that you need to reach more often are at the front of the unit so that you can retrieve them easily.
  • Draw a map of the things that you keep in your unit and keep a copy of it with you always.
  • Think vertically and optimize available space.  Place de lighter boxes on top of the heavier ones to use all of your space.
  • In order to optimize your space dismantle furniture and other articles that allow you to do so.  Use the space inside closets, refrigerators, furniture etc. to store things inside them.