Other services

Transportation / Truck Rental
At iStorage, you can count on our help to move your stuff into our facility.

Moving Supplies (Retail Store)
We have all the storage materials you need: boxes, locks, bubblewrap, and more are all conveniently available at i Storage’s retail store.  Furthermore, you can always count with our help in all the process.  This makes moving, packing, and storing your valued possesions as safe and convenient as posible.

At iStorage, we recommend anything of value that is being stored, should be insured just as it would be in your home.  Your lease agreement with i Storage does not provide insurance coverage for your belongins, but we do count with the support of an insurance company that can provide the insurance for a minimal amount.

Meeting room
All our clients have access to a meeting room equipped with computer, internet, and printer which can be used to send emails, meet with suppliers, or browse your files, among other things.